Classics: A Gift From Heaven Or Hell?

For me, the answer to this question is quite easy: hell. But I haven’t tried to read a classic for a long time – I think the reason I hate classics so much is because of the fonts they use. I don’t do bold fonts – for some unknown reason, I find it really uncomfortable to read small, bold fonts in books. (It seems the classics we have have this font, and I honestly can’t stand it.)

Also, the topics aren’t that interesting to me. If the book doesn’t interest me, I can’t read it. The words don’t go in.

Unfortunately for my exams next year, I’ve got quite a few classics I need to read, and I’m sort of dreading it and am happy about it the same time. Dreading it, because they’re probably going to bore me, but happy because that means I’ve finally going to read some classics.

Two classics I’ve got to read are Of Mice And Men and How To Kill A Mockingbird, and if I tell you the truth, I’m actually quite excited to read them. How To Kill A Mockingbird’s synopsis has actually made me want to read it – can you believe it? And I watched the Of Mice And Men movie with my sister, and it killed me. (Not literally obviously, but the feels were bad, guys. I couldn’t stop crying!) so I’m quite excited to read it (but it has this horrible font. It’s not good.)!

How do you feel about classics? Do you love them, hate them?

My opinion doesn’t really count, because I haven’t actually read a classic yet. Anyone else who’s avoiding them? I know I can’t be the only one!


– Emma

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6 thoughts on “Classics: A Gift From Heaven Or Hell?

  1. Lol, I guess you’re in school? It is so funny (in a relatable way) reading your blog. The reason I say that is because that was mein high school and in college!

    But then when j graduated college. I found a love for reading. I find that reading, classic books in particular, expand your mind and allows people to think for themselves.

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      1. Exactly! Of course though, I have dyslexia so I am a painfully slow reader.

        For example, in 10th grade I had a teacher. And at the beginning of each class she would make us read an article for the first 10-25 minutes. Everyone else would be done . But I would still be on the first paragraph.

        But anyway, eventually after graduating from school you no longer have a deadline. So reading classic books become easier because you can go at your own pace

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