A Mass Re-Reading Mission

My sister has given me (what I think is) an excellent idea!

As you may know, I’m on a dreadful book-buying ban (which still really sucks). And at the moment, I don’t particularly want to read any of the unread books I own.

I was telling my sister about my predicament yesterday: if I don’t have any books I want to read, I won’t be reading, meaning I won’t be reviewing anything, thus resulting in a boring blog. (Or rather, more boring than it is already.)

But then, my sister gave me the idea I needed, and suggested this: to re-read the books I own that I haven’t reviewed so I can review them.

(And that’s the majority of the books I own we’re talking about here.)

You see, last year, I really had a reading kick. I just couldn’t stop reading, and because I didn’t own my blog back then (I didn’t even know book blogging was a thing) I didn’t know that I could review books.

Which means that I have a lot of un-reviewed books sitting on my shelves.

And I plan on going through them, and reviewing them for you guys!

What do you guys think of my plan? (This hopefully means more reviews!)


– Emma

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5 thoughts on “A Mass Re-Reading Mission

  1. That’s an amazing idea! I was thinking of a similar thing! I have so many books that I’ve just read and not really thought about the plot or the writing style etc, I just enjoyed them and put them away because I didn’t have a place to review them! Now I have my blog and know about book blogging I’m wondering if the books I read ages ago are really as good as I remember them to be now I have more references or other amazing books I have reviewed and loved, you get me? Hopefully you do! 🙂 great idea though! I want to defo reread some of the books I first read after becoming an avid reader last summer, good luck 🙂

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