The Greek Gods And Why You Gotta Love Them

If asked to point fingers at who started my obsession with all Greek myths and legends, the answer would be Rick Riordan. His awesome series, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, started it all: my fascination with the gods and always being on the hunt for books to do with them.

Aside from Rick Riordan’s two series (Percy Jackson And The Olympians and Heroes Of Olympus), I’ve only found two other series that I’ve read that involve the Greek gods.

Josephine Angelini is one of my favourite authors, and wrote the amazing series Starcrossed, which is one of the two I’ve found. The characters, the ideas, the gosh-darn awful plot twist at the end of the first book – everything about these books is perfection for me.

Even if you don’t like the Greek gods, I suggest reading these books (they don’tΒ really play that big a part in the books, so if you don’t like the gods, don’t worry)!

You can get StarcrossedΒ from Amazon!

But back to the Greek gods – I’m completely obsessed with them, it’s so bad!

They’re just so awesome – I find the myths/legends about them fascinating, and how people used to worship them back in the day. I mean, you’ve just got to love them.

How about you guys? What do you know about the Greek gods? (Also, if you know of any books that have Greek gods in them, please comment them below!)


– Emma

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