Review | The Humans by Matt Haig


I felt the beautiful melancholy of being human, captured perfectly in the setting of a sun. Because, as with a sunset, to be human was to be in-between things; a day, bursting with desperate colour as it headed irreversibly towards night.

Book Synopsis from Goodreads:

Body-snatching has never been so heartwarming . . .

The Humans is a funny, compulsively readable novel about alien abduction, mathematics, and that most interesting subject of all: ourselves. Combine Douglas Adams’s irreverent take on life, the universe, and everything with a genuinely moving love story, and you have some idea of the humor, originality, and poignancy of Matt Haig’s latest novel.

Our hero, Professor Andrew Martin, is dead before the book even begins. As it turns out, though, he wasn’t a very nice man–as the alien imposter who now occupies his body discovers. Sent to Earth to destroy evidence that Andrew had solved a major mathematical problem, the alien soon finds himself learning more about the professor, his family, and “the humans” than he ever expected. When he begins to fall for his own wife and son–who have no idea he’s not the real Andrew–the alien must choose between completing his mission and returning home or finding a new home right here on Earth.


Before I officially get into my review, I just wanted to say that this is the first book I’ve read that isn’t Young Adult. Normally, I don’t find Adult books that interesting; nothing’s pulling me in and telling me to pick it up, you know?

I was pleasantly surprised by this book though! Please don’t judge it by it’s description, because as my sister said, it doesn’t do it justice!

Anyway, on with the review!


Matt Haig has a way with words. A way that, while it’s obviously not an alien telling this story (because I’m pretty certain this dude isn’t an outer-space dweller), it really made me feel as if it was.

And I love when a book makes you feel like that.

I really liked the majority of this book, and don’t have that many faults with it. I was intrigued to find out where this story was going, from the very first page.

Overall, I’m happy with this book. It was a good, nice read, with an interesting plot line that had you wanting to find what this alien was going to encounter next in the very mysterious world called ‘Earth’.

But unfortunately, I started to lose interest when it came to the last few chapters of the book. So much so, I really had to fight with myself to finish it.

I felt as if the final chapters were sort of…not unnecessary, because they had an important purpose. But the way they were done, I personally feel as if they could have been done better.

However, the last two/three pages of the book really made up for the previous lacking chapters, and I was very happy with the way it ended, all in all.

You can get this book from Amazon: The Humans

Have any of you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?


– Emma

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