Something Special

Hey guys!

Even though it’s only been two days since I last posted, I’ve really missed it! Blogging is addictive, and after blogging for thirty days straight, I’ve found it so strange not posting.

But I needed a short break just to get my ideas together, so I wouldn’t be posting senseless nonsense!

Even though I didn’t have a post planned for today, I really wanted to blog, and so I thought it would be the perfect time to sort of pre-announce to you something that I’m going to be doing this month.

It’s something special.

But you guys can’t know anything about it…yet!

In all honesty, what I’m planning may suck, but I’m super excited for it to start!

I’ll give you guys more details at a later date, but I can’t say too much yet, as it’ll ruin the surprise! I just wanted to say to keep on the look out for my special posts!

Here’s a hint: Christmas has arrived!


– Emma

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