Cautions On Books: Heed Them

I started reading Messenger Of Fear by Michael Grant yesterday, and it’s absolutely amazing so far! Grant’s got such a gift – the writing in this book is so imaginative, descriptive and detailed…

But in certain places, it might be a little too detailed for some people.

On the back of this book, it gives you a warning:


Please heed this if you ever pick up this book!

If you’re feint at heart, or can’t deal with detailed cruelty, do not read this book.It’s really good, and you honestly feel as if it would be a crime to put it down – but it’s a bit gory in some places, and you won’t enjoy it if you can’t stomach things like that.

What I’m trying to get across here, is don’t ignore the warnings on backs of books. I didn’t really pay attention to the warning on this one, and was shocked when I was a few chapters in and was faced with what I was.

This isn’t meant to put you off reading this book, but I just wanted to warn you guys in case you overlook the warning, just like I did.

I’m loving this book so far though, and will be posting a review once I’m done, which hopefully shouldn’t be too long!


Β – Emma

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