Pre-Blizzard Warning!

Hey guys!

So for the next 12 days, I was planning on doing some Christmas specials to go with the festive season! However, I’ve sort of hit a pot hole (figuratively, of course).

You see, I have a notebook where I write down my ideas for posts on my blog, and I planned out my 12 Day Blizzard, and haven’t really looked at it since.

But I thought I’d better go over my ideas today to see if I’d set everything right, and if I was still happy with what I was doing. However, I came across a problem when I tried to find it: I’ve sort of lost my book.

And with it, all of my ideas for the Christmas special posts!

Don’t fret yet though guys!

I’m still going to be doing my 12 Day Blizzard of special posts (I mean, the notebooks gotta turn up at some point, right?) but it might end up not being as Christmassy as I’d hoped.

Anyway, I thought I’d warn you guys of what’s to come, so you can get ready for the blizzard!


– Emma

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