The Perfect Gift For A Bibliophile

Now, there’s really no such thing as ‘the perfect gift’ come Christmas time, unfortunately. But even if there was, I think it would be rather boring – you’d never have to put any thought into any gift, which sort of sucks.

There’d be no running around at the last minute, pulling your hair out (figuratively) trying to find a present for someone. I mean, sure, panicking that you haven’t got gifts for everyone at Christmas isn’t good. But the actual search for the present, finding something that you think that person will love, is so precious. And it’s really a lovely feeling to know that whoever that gift is for, they’ll be happy that you put thought into their present.

Or at least, that’s how I feel! I can’t wait for Christmas, to see if everyone likes their gifts or not!

Back to the point of this post: though there may be no perfect present, there are gifts that a certain type of person is bound to love; yes, I’m looking at you, my fellow bibliophiles!

In case you guys haven’t done your shopping for your book-loving friends yet, here are some gift ideas that they’ll surely love!!

  1. Books!!!
    teacupbooksI know this is an obvious one, but it’s probably the hardest to actually pull off. Do you know all of the books they have? What if they’re getting books from other people? How do you know they’ll even like the book you’ve gotten them? Well my friends, you have two options for this: 1) You either know them well enough, and correspond with their parents as to what they’re getting or 2) Goodreads it. If your friend has Goodreads, don’t push aside this valuable source! Here you’ll be able to find the types of books they love, and books that are on their TBR. It’s literally a site handing you the answers you’ve been searching for!

2. Special Editions

If your heart doesn’t swoon at the idea of getting special editions of books, there must be something wrong with you! They’re what bibliophiles dream about; are our one true loves! I know my best friend would just scream with happiness if she got the special edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. The only downside with this, however, is the price. Special editions are very expensive (normally), and getting them sometimes just really isn’t affordable. Saying that, if you just want to get your friend something you know they will love, this is a good gift to go with! Just make sure it’s the special edition of a book they love!!

3. Bookish Merchandise bookprntscrn

Any bibliophile will tell you, getting bookish merchandise is like heaven to us. Things like mugs with book quotes on, artsy bookish posters, funny pun stuff – they’re just amazing. You can go on sites like The Literary Gift Company and Not On The High Street to find some really cool stuff! (RedBubble is also really good!!) Trust me on this: if none of the ideas above have worked, this is definitely going to find you a great gift for your bibliophile friend/s!

That’s it for today’s Christmas Blizzard post! Hope this helps you guys!!


– Emma

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift For A Bibliophile

  1. I need all the book merch! That’s what I always tell people to buy for christmas and birthdays! Buy me books and book merchandise and harry potter stuff!xx

    Liked by 1 person

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