New Year Countdown: 4 Days To Go

The final days of 2015 are just slipping on by. Today’s gone so fast, and I’ve done absolutely nothing (and I do mean nothing) to show for it!

Except for watch movies and read. (Hey, the holidays are the time for slobbing and over-eating – don’t judge me!)

I’m currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night Time by Mark Haddon, and though I’m liking it, I really want to be done with it. This being because I really want to read the other books I got for Christmas! I was so tempted – so tempted – to read a couple at the same time, but I knew if I did that I’d be more interested in one than the other, and the other one would end up never being finished. (I’ve done this numerous amounts of times before, unfortunately.)

So I’m trying to speed through this book! I’ll post a review as soon as I’m done!

Anyway, here’s my fourth favourite book of the year!

never never

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Now I know I’ve only just read this book, but like I said in my previous countdown post, I haven’t read that many books that were published this year, so my options are limited.

But even if they weren’t limited, it wouldn’t change the fact that this book is really good! Gods, the suspense just killed me!

This book is meant to confuse you along with the protagonists, however, it doesn’t confuse you so much that it deters you from reading the book because you can’t follow it.

The authors have written this wonderfully – the characters are intriguing, and the story line instantly captures your attention: there’s no hanging around in this book.

If you like mystery and suspense in a Young Adult novel, this book is for you! You can get it fromΒ Amazon here.

You can see my review of this book here!


Β – Emma

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