A Booktube Failure

Hey guys!

My best friend, Beth, recently started a booktube channel along with her blog! And it looked so fun, I thought I’d give it a go.

And, well…as I’m sure you’ve gathered from this posts title, it didn’t quite go to plan.

It turns out, I’m better at writing words than I am at speaking them – sure, I’m great at talkingΒ in person, but aim that camera towards me? I sound like the poshest British person you can imagine, fumbling drunkenly over the words I want to say. I also sort of turn into an even more awkward heffalump.

I don’t even know how it’s possible to be more awkward than I am already, but I actually managed to set a new goal tonight.

But I’m glad I gave it a go. Maybe one day, I’ll go back to booktube, and it might work out. Right now, though? I’m really happy expressing my feelings about books through words on a computer screen, and not through a camera.

An overview of what I found out tonight: I’m safe from total mortification for life if I don’t do a weekly booktube video. (I really can’t express to you guys how bad that video was I recorded tonight – it was just so bad. Awkward doesn’t begin to cover it, trust me.)

Have any of you guys ever tried booktube? What do you think about it?

On a side note, I’ve got a few new ideas I’m working on for my blog that I think you guys are going to like – fingers crossed they don’t go tip-side up too!


– Emma

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12 thoughts on “A Booktube Failure

  1. Oh my goodness, you just echoed my thoughts about booktubing! I tried one video a couple weeks ago, and realized that I’m MUCH better at writing than speaking. I can give a speech rather well, but this is a completely different type of public speaking. Congrats for trying though– maybe at some point, you’ll go back and try again.

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  2. Ha, I have a really mixed-up accent. And I sound like (and slightly look) like a 12 year old. So no book tubing for me! (Seriously, I moved when I was young from one part of Wales to another, and ended up picking up the cheapest parts of both accents.)

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