A Bookish Guide: Admitting You Have Too Many Books

It’s probably one of the most difficult situations that a bibliophile can find themselves in when they’re on the path of admitting they have too many books.

If you find yourself identifying with these stages, it’s highly possible you’re a crazed bibliophile, and need some serious bookish help!

You go through the five stages:

1. Denial. When the possibility first flutters into your mind that you may have too many books, you flat out deny it.Β 

I mean, having too many books isn’t actually a thing…is it?!

2. You get a little angry.

When you have nowhere to put your precious books, to the point where you’re tripping over them on your floor, it gets a bit frustrating. It’s everyone and the worlds fault that you don’t have the space for the copious amount of books you own. You definitely can’t have so many books that it’s sort of ridiculous…

3. You try to bargain with yourself.

The wardrobe can go; the chest of draws can go; the bed can go – just give my books the loving bookcase they deserve! I’m sure the floor would make nice sleeping grounds for your back, anyways.

4. You realise that life sucks, and fall into a deep, bookish depression.

You want all of the books; you can’t have all the books. The ones you already own have swarmed your house, taking over your room and spilling out (literally) into the rest of place. It’s time to admit the impossible: enough is enough.

5. Finally, after that whirlwind, you accept the obvious: you’re close to experiencing a book-avalanche and you need help.

So, the diagnosis was hard: you’re a bookaholic; a completely crazed bibliophile.

But now that you’ve admitted this, accepted it, what can you do to fix it?

Well, that’s the simple part: you buy a bigger house.


– Emma

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