Bans Have Been Broken

If you read my recent post, TBR Problems, you’ll know that I recently decided to go on a book-buying ban. Meaning that I wouldn’t buy anymore books until I’d read a whole lot of the ones I own already.

And every bibliophile knows bans are absolute torture.

Not being able to buy books is horrible. When you put a restriction on something, you suddenly want to do the thing you’ve said you’re not going to do. It’s like when you go on a diet – never have you craved unhealthy food more than when you’re not allowed it.

And so begins the wearing down process. You stop yourself from doing what you’ve said you won’t, but with constant temptations – such as beautiful new releases just glaring at you as if to say ‘don’t even think about not buying me’ – it finally becomes too much.

And you break.

Well, you don’t if you’re strong-willed.

But when it comes to books, I’m really not strong-willed (unless it’s stating my opinion on something I think of on a moral scale). So after two days of starting my book-buying ban, I caved.

I bought three books today. And I don’t even feel bad – it was at a charity shop, so the money I spent is going towards helping people!

However, that does mean I have two more books on my TBR list. Not three, because the third is for my lovely sister! It’s a special book which I think she is going to love! I’ll do a post soon about the other two books I got, and some awesome ones I’ve found on my kindle recently.

I’m going to officially start my book-buying ban tomorrow. And stick with it. Hopefully…

What do you guys think about book-buying bans? Are they the bane of your existence, or a helpful trick to clean up your TBR list?


– Emma

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4 thoughts on “Bans Have Been Broken

  1. Book buying bans are essential!!! But as you’ve found, they’re so difficult to stick to. This year I’m allowing myself 2 pre-orders per month tops and beyond that, I’m trying to only buy books which continue series I already have books from – all in an effort to reduce my TBR pile. Which is a little big right now. Lol.

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