Shelf Arrangement

Hey guys!

I’m currently facing a terrible, bookish dilemma: I have no idea how to arrange my shelves.

Colour coded? Alphabetised? Series-to-standalone’s?

Which way is the best way?

You see, my books are placed randomly at the moment. This mainly being because I don’t actually have enough room for all of the books I own, and just had to shove them on my shelves at random to get them off my floor. (I own way too many books for the size house I have; I wrote a post about itΒ a few weeks back that you can check out here!)

However, I am getting more shelves! Well, new ones to replace the damaged ones. The damaged ones currently hang over the head of my bed, so I’m too scared to add any more books to them – one of them collapsed and books spewed everywhere (it wasn’t a pretty sight).

But the new ones will (hopefully) withstand more weight, meaning the bookcase I have won’t be filled to the brim with books, and I’ll actually be able to put my books into some type of order.

If I can ever decide how to arrange them.

So what about you? How do you arrange your books?


– Emma

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10 thoughts on “Shelf Arrangement

  1. I arrange mine by size, then color. My taller books stand with others of similar height, and with the closest looking color. If there are hardcovers and paperbacks of similar heights, I put the hardcovers first, and then the paperbacks. I find that this makes my bookshelf look very put together and organized!

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  2. Mine are mostly arranged by size. Ones of similar size go together. Except for the very bottom shelf where I throw any newly acquired books I don’t feel like organizing lol. I want to re-do my shelf and make it rainbow but I have to really be up for it one weekend to do it.

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    1. I think I’m going to try and arrange mine by size too! And I totally get what you mean – if I’m not in the mood to do it, I end up with books everywhere, and then they just get shoved back on the shelves randomly because they’re in the way πŸ˜€

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