A Hurting Bookish Soul

Hey guys!

I sorted my bookcase out today, and came across the not-so-startling realisation that I have too many books.

I know, I know: the amount of times I have said this statement is uncountable, but I truly mean it this time! My room is too small for the number of books it contains.


And since I still haven’t gotten any new shelves, my bookcase is overly stacked (pretty sure its not going to be able to bear the weight it’s been put under for too long :/ ).

So I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m going to have to sell some of my books.

(I can almost hear the startled gasps of horror!)

The idea of selling my books hurts me. As in, deep within my soul. But it’s just not possible to own the number of books I do with the size room I have. And so, the advice I gave at the end of my post about admitting you have too many books is not do-able for me at the moment . I’ve gone through all the possible things I could do, but I think this is the only way.

Gods, this post is so depressing! I’m making myself feel better by thinking this: less clutter, less stress. (New life mantra alert!) And I’m only selling books I have absolutely no intention of reading – what’s the point in keeping them when I don’t want to read them, and can’t see myself reading them in the future?

There isn’t!

I’m hoping to get some shelves soon though, so I’ll have more space! Meaning I’ll be able to spread out my books, and find a home for the other books I’ll have no doubt bought by then.

On another note: I made a banner for the blog! Please tell me your thoughts on it, I’ve never been great at making things like this! Also, I’ve decided I’m going to start writing creatively again – finding my writing folder today has me really inspired.

What would you do if you owned too many books?


– Emma

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6 thoughts on “A Hurting Bookish Soul

  1. I find that if I haven’t thought about or took a photo of a book in a whike (I’m more likely to take photos for Instagram if I loved the book) then it’s time to get rid. Or if I rated a book 3 stars or lower…ALSO LOVE THE BANNER IT’S AWESOME

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  2. I have lots of books I need to get rid of. Preferably sell, but I don’t know of anywhere locally that buys books and it seems like a pain to sell them online and have to ship each book. Plus I’m not sure if I can get a decent price for my books online once you add in at least 6 bucks to ship it, the price becomes too high and the person might as well just buy their own new copy…

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and not sure how to go about it.


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