I Have Another Blog!!

Hey guys!

As of today, The Crunch Life exists!

the crunch life

(I’m still working on the tag line :D)

So you might be wondering what made me suddenly start another blog, and well, here’s why:

A few post ideas came to me earlier, and I was super excited to write them! But then I realised something: they had nothing to do with books. And since this is strictly a book blog, I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, post them on here.

So my brain started ticking, and I decided what would be the harm in starting another blog? I’m super excited to start posting on it, and would be really grateful if you’d give it a follow!

What does this mean for The Book Crunch?

It’s not going to affect this blog at all. This blog is my baby, and always will be – it’s my main priority! The Crunch Life is there for posts that aren’t about books; it’s a second blog. The Book Crunch is my first, and is most important to me.

Have you ever been tempted to start another blog? If so, about what?


– Emma

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