The Art of Perusing Book Shelves

Hey guys!

I have so many tags/awards to catch up on, it’s crazy! But I thought since I’ve recently been spamming you with so many, I’d save them for a rainy day, and talk about something else that I really need help with:

Feeling awkward in bookstores. 

And it feels absolutely terrible to say that – but it’s the truth! A bookstore is supposed to be a bookworm’s natural habitat, somewhere they can go and feel at home. But half the time, I feel so awkward I can’t even look at the books properly!

Here’s why:

1. Books on lower shelves

I am literally the epitome of un-gracefulness, so when it comes to having to crouch down to the lower levels of a bookcase, sixty percent of the time I will fall over, or end up doing a weird dance to try and stop myself from falling over. It attracts the attention of people that I was really trying to be inconspicuous to, and it’s so embarrassing. (I’m cringing just thinking about it!)

2. Stranger Danger

It’s commonplace that if you like a book, you’ll be focusing on it. I get absorbed in books quite easily, and when I do, anything could happen around me. Open gun fire? Check. Bombs? Check that one, too. My defenses are down – I’m supposed to be in my natural environment! But I don’t like being unaware, so I find it hard to check out books in person, and sort of just glance around me like the awkward, paranoid human I am.

3. The Employees

As you may know, there are mainly three types of bookstore employees:

There’s the ‘couldn’t be bothered ones‘, who just love to ignore you, and make you feel like an  alien for being passionate about books.

Then there’s the ‘actual readers‘, who are awesome and amazing, and deserve an award for talking books with you and being nice. I actually found out about Rainbow Rowell writing Carry On because of a lovely employee (my friend and I literally Fangirled in the shop)!

And then there are the bane of all bookstore employees: the ‘snobs‘. Oh, so you only read classics that were written a hundred years ago? Oh, how lovely! You can keep your judging eyes to yourself though, thank you. I’m not a big classics reader, and so what? I love Young Adult just as much as some love classics; my favourite genre in no way effects how much I love reading!

Feeling like you’re being judged from the person behind the till sucks. In all fairness, I hardly come across people in bookstores that I dislike! I only ever strongly dislike workers at my local library (they’re evil, trust me), but that’s a story for another day!

Do you guys feel awkward in bookstores? And do you relate to any of these?


 – Emma

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13 thoughts on “The Art of Perusing Book Shelves

  1. I can completely relate to this! It’s because of the reasons that you mentioned that I’d much prefer to shop for books online – Amazon is my go-to. However, I do really like going to my local used bookstore, and when I go I just try my best to repress all the awkwardness.

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    1. I mainly use Amazon to buy books online too! And I love the charity bookshops we have around here, so I normally take my friend to make me feel less awkward (she’s a bookworm too, so she doesn’t mind!) 😂 Glad it’s not just me who feels awkward in bookshops!!

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  2. Tall shelves, heavy books, one very short reading addict. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

    And judge-y employees! Argh! My favourite bookstore is a second-hand indoor market stall run by one fella who has literally made the place triple the size with walls made of books. It’s amazing, and the dude just loves books. 🙂

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