So I have something to admit to you guys: I used to be a right stickler about the condition of my books. As in, I’d wash my hands before I’d touch them, and would do anything to make sure not even a hint of a crease was visible on their spines.

And I mean, it’s not like I don’t care now about how my books look – I do! I don’t want them torn and beaten up, but I’m not going to cry if they are (unless they’re my autographed ones, in which case someone will pay!). However, when I’m reading them, it’s not at an angle where the book is basically closed to keep the spine intact, like how I used to.

No, I’ve changed these last couple of months. I’ve decided that comfort, and actually enjoying the process of holding and reading a physical book, is more important than how the book looks in the end.

This is how I used to look after my books – obsessive bookworm style!

1. Clean hands:Unwashed hands are a no go – you think dirt is coming anywhere near my pristine book covers? Oh no. Wash them until they sparkle, please.

2. Being aware of your surroundings:

Is there a drink near you that could possibly fall and spill onto your book? Or perhaps you want to put your book down, but said surface could be wet/dirty? Being paranoid of everything is a good thing – it makes accidents avoidable.

3. Protect it with your life:

You’re falling down the stairs and the book is going with you? Protect that book like it’s a million year old historic statue worth over a billion pounds: do not drop it.

4. But then you realise your love for the perfect state of your book was the destruction of it:

You bent one of the corners hugging it to yourself. All in all, life sucks.

5. You then accept you went a little overboard:

Maybe not letting other people touch the book and shouting at them when they try to is a little too far.

6. But you listen to the insane bookworm side of your conscience like you always do (*swear word used in gif!):

And the world makes sense again.

How do you look after your books? Do you keep them in a perfect condition, or have the attitude of ‘whatever happens, happens’?



– Emma

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13 thoughts on “Obsessively Looking After Books!

  1. I do the same things as you do. I make sure I have clean hands, and if I do have an open drink around I make sure there’s a bit of distance between me and the drink. I am fairly clumsy so a split drink is not a surprise to me.

    I have a half and half attitude for my novels. I’m meticulous with the care of my books, however, if I lend it out and a friend accidentally damages the novel I’m not going to think the world is ending or anything. Not only does that attitude make my friends feel bad for an accident, but it doesn’t do myself any good either.

    Great post btw!

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    1. I’m glad it’s not just me, and I’m clumsy too haha! I totally agree – I’d feel bad for making my friends feel bad, especially over an accident! I’ve actually spilled a drink on a friend’s book that I’ve borrowed before, and I felt horrible – she was absolutely fine about it, and said you couldn’t even see where I’d spilled it (it was luckily just water) but it made me feel so bad! And thank you!! πŸ™‚

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      1. oh dang. it’s good your friend was cool about it. I would have bought another book to replace it. sometimes people say things for the sake of the other but keeps their internal thoughts hidden. haha.

        I doubt your friend is like that though.

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      2. Haha, my friend isn’t like that! And I wanted to buy her a new book, but she wouldn’t let me because the water did no damage and it was only on the corner of a couple of back pages!

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  2. I always cover up my books in the clear wrap that kids use for their school books. That way I didn’t feel too bad when I spilt water on the outside. But overall I don’t mind books with a bit of wear and tear because it shows how much I loved that novel.

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    1. That’s not a bad idea actually, like how libraries protect them! And that’s exactly what my sister says – my two favourite books ever are so worn out, you can see how much I’ve reread them!!


    1. I don’t blame you! I sort of still want to, and I do have this moment when I first (if I do) crease the spine of a book where I’m like ‘NO WHY’, but it makes it a lot easier and more comfortable to read! I’m going to try and get more hardbacks so it won’t matter how I hold them! πŸ™‚

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