The Deal With Kindle Haters

Hey guys!

Earlier this week I saw something on Facebook that really annoyed me. A BookBub ad had appeared on my timeline (BookBub is a site which you can sign up to, and receive daily emails with offers on Kindle/Apple books), and I saw some of the things people were commenting, and, if I’m honest, I got really angry.

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I understand not liking Kindles, or any other electronic device you can read books on. I get it; you prefer paperbacks, or simply don’t like Kindles. That is absolutely fine!

Personally, I prefer paperbacks. But I have a Kindle, and I cherish it. I read faster on it as well, but if I had to choose between the two, I do like actually holding a physical book when reading. Kindles are really handy though, especially when I’m going on holiday and don’t have the room to take the books I want.

What I think is so wrong when it comes to the age old Kindle vs. paperback debate is when people start questioning someone else’s love for books and reading because they enjoy reading on Kindles. How dare you ever question how much someone loves reading simply by what they read on! For goodness sake, I run a book blog and I love my Kindle – does that mean I’m not a ‘real book lover’?

The fact is this: a book is a book, whether it’s in paperback form or Kindle form. The words don’t change, what the author is trying to communicate to us doesn’t change, the story doesn’t change. As I’ve already said, I have no problem with people not liking Kindles! I think it’s important to express your feelings, no matter what they be, and whether they differ from others opinions or not.

However, I do have a problem with people saying that if you like Kindles, you are not a real book lover. It’s actually more likely that people who read on Kindles probably have a stronger love for books than people who read physical versions, because they’re not tempted by pretty covers, or how it’ll look in photos – no, they’re reading them because of the story they tell.

I just need to clarify what I’m saying: have your own opinions on the different forms of books out there in the world, but please don’t be rude to others when you do. There’s a difference in how a paperback feels to read, and how a Kindle does. But the words? They’re exactly the same.

What are your thoughts on Kindles and paperbacks?


– Emma

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24 thoughts on “The Deal With Kindle Haters

  1. One of my best friends is extremely anti-Kindle. I can’t stand it. I prefer real books, I do, but Kindles take up less space (I have hundreds of books on mine), and it’s easier to carry around than a bag of books. Plus, a lot of time, Kindle books are cheaper.

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  2. Here, here! I’m happy people are just reading! I mean in a world with so many entertainment platforms, it makes me happy when anyone is reading. Who cares if they prefer electronic or not? Books and stories should connect us, not divide us! Great post 🙂

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    1. You’re totally right!! You’ve put into words how I feel about it – why can’t we all just bond over what we love, instead of getting offensive/competitive about it? People should read however they want to, and not feel like they’re going to be judged for it! Thank you!! 😊

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  3. I’ll never understand why people get so worked up about people using Kindles. A “real book lover” is surely the person who is happy to see other people reading, regardless of whether or not they’re doing it from an actual physical book or a kindle. Reading and loving books are reading and loving books, electronic or otherwise. 🙂

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    1. I agree! I just can’t get my head around some people wanting to be rude to others over how they read, when in the end they’re all doing the same thing – reading! And you’re completely right!! 😊

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  4. I’ve had a on-again-off-again relationship with Kindle. In 2013 I read nothing but Kindle books because I was in love with the idea of an electronic library. A year later, I started collecting physical books to start building my own home library and abandoned Kindle altogether. I took a break from eReaders for 2 years until 2016. Now I read both!
    I still prefer physical books because I am building a home library, but having a Kindle is super handy, especially because there are always great deals. I recently bought Shatter Me and A Darker Shade of Magic because they were ridiculously cheap on Kindle. I couldn’t resist.

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    1. That actually sounds a lot like my story with my Kindle! I was addicted to it for a year, then realised I liked collecting physical books, and putting them on display! I do still use my Kindle from time to time because I really enjoy reading on it too, and if there’s a massive difference in price, I’ll definitely be going for the Kindle edition!
      Oh, you’ll have to tell me what you think of A Darker Shade of Magic – I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve been hearing good things! 🙂


  5. I mix my reading up with both physical books and Kindle books. There are certain books and series that I just have to own physical copies of, but there are others that are so much cheaper to have on my Kindle and I love carrying around hundreds of titles at once. I completely agree with you that it is not okay for people to call out others on their love of reading based on how they read. That’s just ridiculous! Great post! 🙂

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    1. I totally understand that, I do it too! I’ve actually bought books on my Kindle, then gone out and bought the physical versions too 😁 And you’re right – it is ridiculous! I mean, we’re all reading – where can they see a difference in that? Thank you!! 😊

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  6. I feel like audiobooks get a bad rap too. In the end, who cares HOW people are reading books?! Can’t we just be happy they are being read? I love paper books, ebooks, AND audiobooks… I don’t discriminate. I am a lover of books in every form 😊

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    1. I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook, but I really want to! I think they’re a great idea – you can do other things while you listen to the book, because you’re not tied down to having to hold something!
      Exactly! People should be supportive of people reading in whatever form they do it!! 😊

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  7. I’ve always preferred the actual book to the kindle book, but I’m honestly finding my kindle to be more convenient most of the time; especially since I have the kindle app on my phone which allows me to have full access to my kindle library. It’s a lot easier than carrying a physical book with me and I may not always have the ability to carry a physical book – but I always have my phone. I think instead of shaming people for how/what they read we should just encourage reading. 🙂

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    1. I completely agree with you! I always have my phone with me, which makes reading when I get a moment to spare a lot easier! Sometimes I find it can be quite hard to lug a physical book around with you, so a Kindle is really the perfect way to get around this!
      That’s so right! Readers should be bonding with each other over the books they read, not judging them for how they read them!! 🙂

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  8. It’s really sad that people think that if you’re an ebook reader, you’re not a ‘real reader’. I actually read both, with maybe a 60% preference for ebooks because they’re more easily accessible to me. I don’t have a Kindle but I do read on both my iPad and iPhone, and while the experience is certainly different, I don’t think it makes me a ‘lesser’ reader in any way or form. People can be ignorant. :/

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    1. I know! I don’t know where the idea came from, but surely anybody that is reading has the right to be classed as a reader, whatever the format of the books they read! And I was too, but I’ve recently found my love for reading on my Kindle again – I don’t know why, but I just speed through books on it! It definitely doesn’t, and you’re completely right!


  9. Great post! I personally prefer actual book books myself, and 90% of what I read is a non-e-version, BUT I completely see why people read e-books. Also, not only for space reasons, that part I don’t mind because I have physical room for my books, but I do wish I could be a bit more green-conscious on this one and save a tree once in a while by buying e-books. Either way, it’s truly NOT COOL to be judging people on what they read and their choice of book format. To each her/his own!

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    1. I hadn’t thought of it that way actually – you’re totally right that e-books are actually more eco-friendly! And I really don’t have the space for physical books, but I keep buying them (my room is overflowing haha!). It’s not, and I don’t understand why people try and make such a big deal over such an unimportant thing!

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  10. Paper books are good for at home but when travelling the kindle is invaluable.

    There s something to be said for holding a good book in your hand but the kindle allows you to do so much more. I travel a lot and I like to read so the kindle is better for me however the two formats can happily co-exist.

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