Book Harmony | The Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine


Book Harmony is a new segment I’m trying out for my blog! The idea is I’ll pick a standalone book or series to spotlight, and choose a song (or album) that relates to it (which could be that it fits with the mood of the novel, etc.).

Music and books are both equally important influences in my life. They’re some of my favourite things in the world, and the point of this new segment on my blog is so I can talk about two things that I’m really passionate about at the same time!

So let’s get on with the post!


When I was reading The Morganville Vampires series for the first time, I was listening to music my sister had downloaded for me on an iPod. One of my fondest memories is actually being on holiday, reading Glass Houses (the first book), and listening to the songs my sister had deemed worthy enough to listen to (and she’s rather critical when it comes to her favourite tunes).

There were bands such as Kids In Glass Houses, You Me At Six, and other pop punk bands of the late noughties. All of these bands have had a lasting impact on me, and are definitely the reason I’m the pop punk lover I am today.

All of my Rachel Caine books aren’t in this photo! There are 15 books just in the Morganville Vamps series!

But I’m not here to talk about those other bands. I’m here to talk about the amazing album by The All-American Rejects, Move Along, and why it shares a link to Rachel Caine’s series for me.

There’s not too many similarities between the songs and the novels when it comes to context. However, I can’t listen to The All-American Rejects without instantly being transported to this fictional world, and drawn into the story-line again.

The Morganville Vampires series is one of my all time favourites, and Move Along is one of my favourite albums. Reading the books and listening to the album fills me with this nostalgic feeling. The feels hit me full force in the chest, and it takes me back to easier times.

I actually met Rachel Caine last year, and it was an amazing day (she’s one of my favourite authors, to say I fangirled is to say the least)! She signed some of my books, and meeting her is something I’ll never forget!

Do you have a certain song or artist that reminds you of a book?


– Emma

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