Why Being A Bookworm In Exam Season Sucks



Being a student during exam time is pretty terrible. But also being a bookworm? It’s like the end of the world.

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Here’s why:

1. You have to revise, like, all the time.

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So those hours you used to spend reading a book, or writing blog posts? Yeah, they’re filled up with textbooks and past papers now.

2. Surprise mock exams always leave you feeling a little bit like this:

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Surprise exams are one of the many banes of my existence. I can just about get a decent grade (and really focus on the word decent here), but they freak me out. I’m left feeling like I have the same brain capacity as a peanut.

3. What is a social life, again?

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Hanging out with your friends outside of college? Forget it. The textbook is calling my name… Oh, you say what about social media? Haha, no.

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It’s too tempting to check what’s happening in the world (or rather, where that person on Facebook had lunch) while revising: I’ve either got to have it all the time, or not at all. Bye internet life!

4. I miss being less stressed

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My own personal mantra right now. I’m stressed 99.9% of the time normally, and add exams on top of that? Ugh. I’ll be honest, exams don’t scare me unless I talk about them (or if I imagine myself sitting in an exam hall. Or sitting a mock exam. Or…), but I do have a rather spectacular freak-out the night before.

But the thing that really gets me?

5. When one of your favourite authors is releasing a new book hours before you have to sit an exam so you can’t stay up all night reading it like you’d planned.

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And that’s it for this post! If you’re sitting an exam soon, do you relate to any of these?

As a quick note: I’m sorry if I’m a bit absent from the blog this month, but I really need to start revising – my first exam is only a matter of weeks away. (But it’s likely I’ll still be pretty active as I’m a terrible student.)


– Emma

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