How To Know When It’s Time To Give Up On A Book

Hey guys!

I really struggle to know when it’s time to give up on a book. I’ll carry the same book around with me for weeks, convinced I can finish it if I just keep trying to read it, regardless of whether or not I’m enjoying it anymore. There’s something in me that doesn’t want to ever give up on a book. I feel like if I’ve gotten to the middle of the novel or past, I should be able to power through and finish it.

But trying to persist with a novel that I’m really not enjoying is often what sends me into a reading slump (and there is nothing worse than hitting a reading slump when you’re a bookworm).

If you struggle when to know to give up on a book, here are some things to consider:

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1. Are you still invested in the story line?

If you’re no longer interested in what’s going to happen next, or how the novel ends, it’s unlikely you’re going to find the motivation to power through however many pages remain. Unless…

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2. Are you connecting with the characters or the world?

This one links in with being invested in the plot: not connecting with the characters can make it hard to care about what you’re reading. And if you don’t care about the world the book is set in either (whether it’s a fantasy world or a contemporary background) there’s not much else that’s going to make it an enjoyable read. But…

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3. Does the writing style flow well?

A writing style that flows well can make up for characters lacking development and plots that kind of fall flat. The writing style has got to work for you if you’re struggling to power through a novel; if it’s too complicated or just isn’t what you’re in the mood for, it’s going to become a chore to read, and that isn’t what reading is about! Especially if…

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4. Is there another book you want to read more?

Bookworms have so many books on our TBR lists that we always have books we want to be reading. If there’s another book sitting on your shelf that’s just begging to be read, read it! Put your current read on hold if you’re not getting anywhere with it – you’ll come back to if it’s worth it.

And the final thing to consider is this:

5. Do you still want to read it?

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It might sound like an obvious question, but it’s easy to try and force yourself to read something you don’t really want to because you feel like you have to finish it, or because others have loved it and recommended it. But there’s nothing wrong with putting a book you just can’t connect with aside, whether you come back to it at a later date or not.

And that’s the end of this post!

How do you decide when to give up on a book? Are there any popular books you couldn’t finish?



2 thoughts on “How To Know When It’s Time To Give Up On A Book

  1. I’m glad you included whether there’s a book you want to read more. I feel like one of the reasons I tend to get stuck in reading a book is because I force myself to continue something even though I’m really in the mood for a different book.

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