Bookworm Nightmares

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Hey guys!

Halloween is quickly approaching, so it seems only right to discuss some of the worst things imaginable that a bookworm may face – the things that fill readers nightmares, and make us pray to the book Gods that none of these dreadful things will happen.

Damaging a book

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Is there anything worse than accidentally damaging a book? No, the answer is definitely no. I’ve gotten better over the years about the pressure I put on myself to keep my books in a pristine condition, but accidentally ripping a page or smudging food on the cover hurts. Chocolate is not a safe snack to have whilst reading.

The absolute horror of someone asking to borrow a book

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There are only a handful of people I trust on this Earth to borrow a book from me, and not even all of my family make the list. If it’s a book I didn’t enjoy or one I got second-hand, then I’m much more likely to let someone borrow it. But my favourite reads? My signed books?! Absolutely not.

Starting a brilliant new release…only to realise its not the standalone you thought it was

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The agony of waiting for a sequel is something every bookworm has experienced, unless you’re one of the patient, strong-willed readers who manage to avoid a series until it’s completed. Since I’m always so behind on new releases, this rarely happens to me – but when it does, the end result tends to be me losing interest in the series altogether. For the first six months, I’ll be desperate for the sequel. Two years later? I won’t be able to remember most of the characters names.

Or on the other hand, loving the first book in a series only to be severely let down by the sequel

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Sometimes sequels just aren’t as good as the first book, and it can be pretty devastating. The characters deserved so much better than what they got – we readers deserved a sequel that lived up to the first book – alas, the world can be a crappy place and bad sequels exist.

A highly anticipated release being pushed back

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Whilst it can be really disappointing if a book you’re anticipating has its release date pushed back, there’s always a good reason as to why it is. It’s completely understandable that sometimes things just don’t work out how they should, and waiting a few more weeks for a book isn’t the worst thing in the world…okay, it’s pretty bad, but the book will still be just as amazing when it does finally come out.

This one also ties in with the difference in publishing dates for different countries and editions. There have been a number of recent releases I’ve been desperate to read, and I’ve gone to buy them as soon as they’re released…only to find out it’ll take one to two months for it to actually get to me. Why is the world so cruel?!

That’s it for this post! What are some of your worst bookish fears?

Thanks For Reading!-4

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