Christmas Gifts for Bookworms

Hey guys!

Christmas is my favourite time of year – I love the decorations, spending time with loved ones, and having an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of food. Finding and giving gifts I think my loved ones will enjoy is the second best thing about this time of year (of course, the food will always be my most favourite thing).

But it’s no lie that shopping for Christmas can be pretty stressful. There’s a lot of pressure  to buy the perfect thing, but I think giving any gift and showing you’ve thought about the person you’ve bought (or made!) it for is what it’s really all about.

Shopping for a bookworm can sometimes be hard. Some readers are really specific with the books they like, or perhaps own so many books you have no clue which ones they don’t have already. This is a guide to give you some gift ideas for the bookworms in your life.

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You can never go wrong gifting a bookmark to a bookworm! Even if they’re a reader who doesn’t tend to use them, and just chuck any scrap of paper they find to keep their place in a book (which is something I definitely used to do), they’re still nice to display on bookshelves.

There are so many wonderfully unique items on Etsy, like this stamped spoon bookmark, and magnet bookmarks inspired by different fandoms! There’s also card bookmarks with such pretty designs – if you’re looking for pretty bookmarks, Etsy is the place to go!

Etsy shops from left to right: Silver Lining Stamping, Wizarding Letters & Jessica Jade Designs.

Christmas Gift Banner


I love candles, but since this is a list of gifts for bookworms, I’m specifically talking about bookish candles. Haven’t heard of bookish candles? They’re beautifully scented candles that are either inspired by certain books, or are named after different reading terms and tropes – like this Plot Twist candle which is so pretty, and this Kickass Female Protagonist one which I love! There’s also more ‘classic’ bookish candles about, like this Old Books scented one.

Etsy shops left to right: Ash & Quill Candles, Fictional Boutique & Ruthless Heroines.

Christmas Gift Banner


Alongside candles, pins are one of my favourite bookish things to collect! Whether it be pins with beautiful art like this Introvert one, this absolutely hilarious BrontΓ«mian Rhapsody pin, or a set of fun bookish pins, there are so many brilliant designs out there. I could spend hours just scrolling through Etsy looking at them all!

Etsy shops left to right: Fable & Black, Pin Alchemy and Bookish & Bakewell.

Christmas Gift Banner

Tote Bag

I’ve never met a bookworm who doesn’t like tote bags, so you really can’t go wrong with buying one. This Bookish tote is simple but sweet, and this Too Fond of Books one is inspired by a wonderful quote from Little Women. I particularly love this When In Doubt, Go to the Library tote!

Etsy shops left to right: Alphabet Bags, Bookishly and Nutmeg & Arlo.

Christmas Gift Banner

Book Box Subscription

This gift is more expensive than the others on the list, but it’s a really sweet idea! If you know a bookworm who loves book merchandise and likes reading newly released books, a book box subscription is a brilliant thing to sign them up for. I’m currently subscribed to FairyLoot (courtesy of my wonderful sister), and I love receiving it every month!

From left to right: FairyLoot, Illumicrate & Owlcrate.

Christmas Gift Banner

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I honestly think you deserve to treat yourself to a bookish gift or two! I hope this list has given you some Christmas gift ideas for the bookworms in your life!

Thanks For Reading!-4


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