Introducing: Shelf Quarantine!

Hey guys!

There’s a lot of crap going on in the world right now – for the majority of people, every day life has changed quite a lot, and such sudden change can sometimes be incredibly difficult to deal with (I personally don’t deal with change well at all).

So, I’ve decided to try and do something to distract myself from sitting and thinking about the negative things happening outside of my house, and hopefully bring some positive distraction your way as well!

And so, I’m introducing my new blog series: Shelf Quarantine!

As most of us are officially under lockdown and social distancing / self-isolating, I think we’re all finding that we have a bunch of spare time to try and fill around the house. In these blog posts, I’ll be talking about the bookish things I’m up to, and sharing them to give you some ideas of bookish ways to fill your days!

I’ll be posting my first Shelf Quarantine soon, so watch this space!

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